Aram Bartholl has been working in Berlin since 1995. He studied architecture at the University of the Arts UdK Berlin and graduated there in 2001. Bartholl worked as a freelancer for DMC, MVRDV, IEB Berlin and Fraunhofer Institut FOCUS among others. His installations and performances have been shown at numerous festivals, museum and gallery shows worldwide. Often he is invited to give workshops and to present his work at conferences and universities/art schools.

Aram Bartholl is a member of the NYC based ‘Free, Art & Technology Lab’ a.k.a. ‘F.A.T. Lab.’ Net politics Institutions like the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) and the discussion on: copyright, DIY movement and the web development in general do play an important role in his work. Since serveral years Aram Bartholl collects impressions on streetart, games, privacy, copyright and neoanalogue culture in his blog.

“ In which form does the network data world manifest itself in our everyday life? What returns from cyberspace into physical space? How do digital innovations influence our everyday actions? ” Through his installations, workshops and performances Bartholl developed a unique way to discuss the impact of the digital era on society.

In his series of physical objects recreated from digital space and a series of light installations he questions the technology driven society and the tension of public on- and offline space. Workshops interventions and performances in public play a central role in his interest to create offline social platforms and situations to discuss day to day life in the era of Google, Facebook, Twitter and co.