The conceptual group Bureau d’études is developing a collective programme dovetailing art, theory and research, which is conveyed in particular by the making of maps about power networks and complexes. Aware of the limits of an exclusively critical approach, the group is preparing the construction of an Experimental Commune in a rural environment based on a three-way articulation between culture, economy and society.

Between 2003 and 2011, Bureau d’études has taken part in many exhibitions throughout Europe, and in particular at the Generali Foundation in Vienna, the Istanbul International Biennial, the Rennes Biennial of Contemporary Art, the Nottingham Museum of Contemporary Art in London, the Karlsruhe art centre in Germany, and the Serralves Foundation in Porto.


Evolving Theatre is a public place for activities and research to do with an urban micro-ecosystem focusing on the cohabitation and fulfillment of inhabitants, human and non-human alike. This idea is being developed in a place in the process of urban repurposing.

This project is part and parcel of a two part research. On the one hand it involves taking into consideration the non-human living factor (flora and fauna) in issues of urban cohabitation. On the other hand, the Evolving Theatre is keen to develop methods for making ecological public places with innovative use values based on citizen cooperation.
Evolving Theatre here means living theatre, and the vagaries of cohabitation, and also introduces the idea of a project space which is evolving in time, capable of spreading, and adapting both in its ecosystem, its social uses, and its material forms.

The artwork planned for EVENTO Biennale of Bordeaux consists in setting up a pilot project for this human/non-human social system in a square of the city. By creating an urban laboratory based on a local collaboration with associations and volunteer inhabitants, Evolving Theatre wants to incorporate artists and local organizations within an architectural, social and agricultural system.

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Image: Evolving Theatre project for EVENTO 2011, Art for an Urban Re – Evolution. Photo: Pierre Planchenault.

The Evolving Theatre is a project of shared reflection and participatory construction. Open to the implication of organisations, inhabitants and users of the Place André Meunier, this collective project endeavours to verify the relevance of an experimental system in a new model of urban ecology. Through an architectural structure, landscape designing and artistic, educational, and convivial actions, its wish is to inspire the final designing of the square. Located at the heart of the city of Bordeaux, the Place André Meunier marks the ancient boundary of the city. After having been obliterated by the urbanisation of the Cours de la Marne, it is now being reconsidered and will undergo a redevelopment project.