D/R/U/G/S is the project of one Callum Wright and D/R/U/G/S craft some of the most euphoric, radical new music around. Made with the free form attitude of synth visionary Oneohtrix Point Never, the fuck-you braggadocio of the Wu-Tang Clan, the cast-iron integrity of punk and the headlong desperate rush of rave, it’s untamed music for the moment. 22-year-old Callum Wright spent his early years, in his words, in “London council estate shitholes” and moved to Manchester in his teens.

Callum Wright insists the nearest he’s come to having fun with drugs is accidentally taking three paracetamol instead of the doctor recommended two. Yet he is the one experimenting with D/R/U/G/S, and getting many clubbers hooked in the process.

Wright began his musical life in a punk band, but rumours are that he decided to leave and go it alone as an electronic producer because he found it too hard to work with other people. How anti-authority is that? Onstage he is joined by friend, George Haydock, whom he bonded with over the aforementioned love of punk and a soft spot for Forward Russia in particular.

The progressive soundscapes created as D/R/U/G/S however, are a world away from any previous punk roots. Theirs is a textured, canorous sound which is well suited to the come down after a rebellious rave. Love/Lust is an exemplary debut, placing the duo right into the current mix of esteemed producers, from the Eastern influenced Gold Panda through to the witch-core of Salem. Mixing the dark ambient moments of pioneers such as The Orb with a vocal cut reminiscent of Mount Kimbie‘s post-dubstep success, the track has a nonchalant self-assured edge which few can master with such ease.

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Love / Lust 12″ by D/R/U/G/S