Edurne Rubio (1974) studied Fine Arts in Bilbao. In 1998 she received a grant to finish her studies in Belgium and she has lived in Brussels ever since. Her work is about individual and collective perception of time and space. In recent years she has carried out documentary-like video or audio projects and offered them to the public in different formats: walks, installations, encounters, internet, radio…

Between 2004 and 2009 she realised “desde” (from), a site specific project, designed for spaces that had a certain activity in the past and were transformed into art centres. “desde” is a journey trough space and time using interviews with old and new inhabitants/users of the places. Mugatxoan 2004 produced and presented “desde . Arteleku” in San Sebastián (Spain) and “desde . Serralves” in Porto (Portugal). Teatro de la Laboral produced and presented “desde . la Laboral” in Gijón (Spain) in 2009.

Since 2006 she’s collaborating with Clara Rubio (sociology), on the ongoing project ‘Historias Gemelas’ (Twin Stories), a subjective archive of parallel stories, real or fictional, collected in different countries and proposed to the public in different ways, depending on the context.

From up there…

Guided visits to the 19th floor of the Midi Tower

Friday 30th September  18h00 / 18h30 / 19h00 / 19h30

I have always used the Tour de Midi as a benchmark, it is my compass.
We see the tower from far away, and we see very far from the tower.
150 meters, 38 floors occupied by the employees of the National Pensions Office of Belgium. At night, the tower is empty.
At the border between St. Gilles and Anderlecht, a fluvial border as it follows the Senne, the river that now runs underground, at the foot of the tower.
At the exit of the Midi Station, one of the gateways of the city.
A Spanish immigrant once told me that when he arrived in Belgium as a child, because his new haven smelt of chocolate, he thought he had arrived in paradise. I guess his paradise no longer exists now the Côte d’Or factory is not next to the train station anymore.

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