Born in 1968, lives in Paris, Jochen Dehn practice as a performer takes various forms including theatrical performances in apartments, mud wrestling, works for an actress and an elephant, games with the detectors in the Louvre and a homage to the invention of Velcro. By engaging the body and the space around it, Jochen Dehn expands upon forms and strategies that tend to reveal contact zones and thus to reduce the distance that separates the body from its possible collisions.

Une Macchina di Santa Rosa for Brussels Midi and Anderlect (with Loreto Martinez Troncoso)

Why does a moving never ends in a big party, since we left one life to (re) start another? And how to have a party without leaving traces? How to set up a place without adding or removing, cleaning? Why not get together and do a demonstration for nothing. Or … for poetry…  or for love … or lack of love, since we get there. (How) Create a mass hysteria? How to trigger an epidemic of fake laugh? Or … what would happen or what music would appear if everybody would open their window, slamming their pans.

At Viterbo, a small town near Rome, September 3 of each year is devoted to the wandering of a tower, carried by 120 people, transported from a city gate to another through the downtown. During the week of Sept. 26, we propose to develop tools to understand the place we live, since we, and potential partners, are here. It will be collective, how to create, to live together. Parties, hurry up’s, caceroladas. How to sabotage the waves of life … a sabotage that interrupts that rhythm. About the potential of such a stop, such a traffic jam. And, once there, turn it into a party, in a situation. With people, maybe.

Image above: PARADIS EVACUATION is a training for a large group of participants and a couple of cameras. It produces a video showing the center of a city emtied of it’s inhabitants or users. Toulouse 2010

Ausziehen – lovestory for living room and two persons