Jozef Wouters is a stage builder and set designer. After attending a theatre school for several years, he began working as a freelance technician and scenographer. Then, together with Menno and Michiel Vandevelde, he developed a particular artistic curriculum under the name mennomichieljozef.

Through some performances and the building project TOREN/een voorstelling voor pendelaars (2009), Jozef developed his own visual language based on his fascination for the construction and poetic functionality of a form. Together with Simon Allemeersch, Jozef worked on the performance SILENCE FINI (2009) and the building project Stadium/Stadion (2010). During his postgraduate training in Advanced Scenography, Wouters came into contact with a more theoretical and wider approach to art. This resulted in the publication What is it that I have done?, a reflection on his building project TOREN. Following a recent project collaboration with Meg Stuart (Damaged Goods), and a 3rd Stadium/Stadion for Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels) Wouters is currently working on Stadium/Stadion #5 for de Singel (Antwerp) and a zoo for extinct animals (ZOO).

Jozef will present 3 works :
Tower/ a show for commuters (trying to communicate with commuters in the trains by building a tower of meaning) ; Stadium/Stadion (an ongoing work in different steps ; every Stadion organises an attention towards a centre and generates meaning) ; and the Zooligical Institute for Recently Extinct Species.