In the year 2007 Lukasz Lendzinski and Peter Weigand founded, trying to define a building not as a finished reality, but rather as a step in the process of appearance to disappearance, leaving no trace.

Umschichten rethinks established material – strategies using borrowing, precycling and transforming of material instead; Trial and error by catching a lot of something from one thing. Under the title “Stuttgart Popup”, Umschichten accomplished a temporary activation of a wasteland by using a formula called “men, mass, material” inviting people to take part in this kind of a building process as a social come together.

A popup – effect, which questioned the fact of how much planing and time is needed to activate unused urban spaces. Umschichten works in an act-now modus, analysing afterwards what happened.

The temporality of architecture allows us to react permanent on the ongoing transformation of the cultural and society development that architecture has to serve.
Why do we have to switch to permanent ? Is the temporally as format already a permanent variable?

Image: Emesis. Innards leaving the house, installation, site: Rechberghausen, am Kreisverkehr, cause: Landesgartenschau 2009, Abrissinszenierung.