Image courtesy: Archives de l’Office national des Pensions de Belgique

I have always used the Tour de Midi as a benchmark, it is my compass.
We see the tower from far away, and we see very far from the tower.
150 meters, 38 floors occupied by the employees of the National Pensions Office of Belgium. At night, the tower is empty.
At the border between St. Gilles and Anderlecht, a fluvial border as it follows the Senne, the river that now runs underground, at the foot of the tower.
At the exit of the Midi Station, one of the gateways of the city.
A Spanish immigrant once told me that when he arrived in Belgium as a child, because his new haven smelt of chocolate, he thought he had arrived in paradise. I guess his paradise no longer exists now the Côte d’Or factory is not next to the train station anymore.

Guided visits to the 19th floor of the Midi Tower

Friday 30th September

18h00 / 18h30 / 19h00 / 19h30

Groups of visitors will be of maximum 10 people.
Registrations by email or at the bottom of the tower.
It is necessary to have an identity card number.
The duration of each visit is half an hour.
Each group will have different guides.
The guides are people who can tell stories through their own experience, with a personal persperctive drawn from their everyday lives, their dreams, their daily endeavours … Each time offering a different point of view on the same view.
All visits will be transmitted live at the bottom of the tower.

Registration: send an email to with your name, you will receive a confirmation email.