Les Album Claus – Kapotski ‘Triple Deck’ Release

KAPOTSKI means music, live impro, plastic & electric, analog-digital-mechanical, bricolage, … The magic of Kapotski is about the interplay and the dynamic that arises while these three musicians (Jonas Nachtergaele, Ruben Nachtergaele & Kurt Stockman) are playing together on their self constructed sound machines. Having spent a week in France, experimenting with different ways of recording, playing, improvising and composing, they returned back home with this Triple Deck vinyl installation. This way Kapotski wants to capture that purest moment of playing music and improvising together, and getting it as accurate as possible to the listener.

The official presentation will be held in WIELS, where you can experience the Triple Deck installation at work.

Three very different musicians, but all masters in their own domain (electronic, bricolage and classical). Ben Bennaouise will be the host of the evening, soundscapes by Oscar Loman.

DJ Grazzhoppa (Dj, Producer, Turntablist)
The pioneer of scratch and belgium hip hop, DJ Grazzhoppa was the first one (together with TLP, duo ‘Rhyme Cut Core’) to surf the hip hop wave in the 80’s when it came floating to Europe. Since then DJ GRAZZHOPPA has gone a long way, becoming ITF (International Turntablist Federation) and DMC Champion, producing for labels such as Brick9000 and DC Recordings, releasing maxi’s, EP’s and LP’s. Collaborated with Zap Mama, Aka Moon, Rosas, Marc Ribot, Blade, E-Life and Puta Madre (Solid vs Green). Together with Fabrizio Cassol he also blew life into a DJ Big Band, an orchestra of 12 scratching dj’s… impressive!

Frederic Le Junter (home made instruments and bricolage artist) Frederic Le Junter is a sound mechanic. He likes  making instruments out of simple tools and objects. Sound machines he cant really master, but can only play with a kind of instability, creating surprises, which is an important factor for his improvisations. Having collaborated with tons of impressive sound sculptures/artists (Pierre Bastien, Pierre Berthet) and collectives (alibi collectief), he makes video and sound installations. Basically he is a creative centepede in loads of different projects. Youtube

Dick Van Der Harst (multi instrumentalist, orchestrator,composer) Strongly influenced by classical, jazz and folk music, Dick Van Der Harst is a composer who searches for authenticity and multiculturalism. As composer in residence of LOD, he collaborated in music theater productions with Alain Platel, Guy Cassiers, Thierry Salmon, among others. He will be coming to Wiels with his trio (cello and voice), the rest will be a surprise… Youtube