Locustream Promenade is a sound art installation composed of sonic beams ( 10 parabolic dishes equipped with sound speakers and small computers). The parabolas are suspended in the public space in such a way that a visitor only hears the sound from the beam when he or she is directly underneath it. Each beam plays a different stream from the Locustream project.

The live streamed sounds are soundscapes coming from remote locations through the Internet. The space where the parabolas are hung is virtually connected to geo-distant spaces. By moving from one beam to another the audience walks through audio windows opening out onto a worldwide soundscape. Invited to take part in this experience the listener becomes conscious his or her immediate surroundings in a new way, perception of the local audio environment is modified.

Visitors can consult an automatically updated webpage, which indicates which stream is playing where by scanning a QR code at the beginning of the installation with a mobile phone. The webpage gives access to the same information as on the soundmap, you can check it out there :

Explore the Locustream soundmap and listen to the open microphones.

Concept & production : Nicolas Bralet, Julien Clauss, Alejo Duque, Scott Fitzgerald, Sabrina Issa, Jérôme Joy, Nicolas Maigret, Anne Roquigny, Esther Salmona, Peter Sinclair, Lydwine Van der Hulst.

Equipe de production / Production team : Etienne Fortin, Stéphane Cousot, Grégoire Louvain, Lorenz Schori, entreprise APPLES Marseille, Chabaud et cie.

Partenaires / Partners : Délégation aux Arts Plastiques and Mission Recherche et Technologie from the French Minister of Culture and Communication, CNRS and Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche and in co-production with Transcultures/City Sonics, Mons, Belgium, l’Ecole Supérieure d’art de Aix and Seconde Nature

Current contributors:
Alejo Duque and Jean-Pierre Dautricourt (CASSIS – Camargo), Miguel Eduardo Venegas Monroy (ENSENADA – ksa), Avatar, association de Création et de diffusion Sonores et électroniques (QUEBEC – avatar), Björn Eriksson, sound artist (SOLLEFTEA – miulew), Marc McNulty (BOSTON – boston), Nicolas_Bralet compositeur d’espace sonore, micro- paysagiste d’intérieur… (PARIS – gouttedor), Peter Sinclair for locus sonus (MARSEILLE – cap15), Daniel Schorno (AMSTERDAM – jordaan), KRN ( (DAKAR – amitie), Cyrille Henry (PARIS – home), Ragnar Helgi Olafsson [Lorna] (REYKJAVIK – komplex), Cedric Maridet // (HONGKONG – sw), Jerome Joy (Locus Sonus) (NICE – mouans), Esther Salmona (MARSEILLE – pasdufaon), Eric Leonardson, artist, Director of World Listening Project, founding member of Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (CHICAGO – westside), marieheuln (VESINET – cerceris), Kristian Paul (BUGA – valle), Mikhail Iliatov (BROOKLYN – brooklyn), Timothy Nohe (BALTIMORE – nohe), Chad Clark (CHICAGO – rogerspark), Alain Renaud (BOURNEMOUTH – dec), Emeka Ogboh (LAGOS – ikoyi), John Kannenberg artist and curator of – (ANN ARBOR – AnnArbor), brett ian balogh (CHICAGO – wicker_park), Koganecho Area Management Center (YOKOHAMA – koganecho), The Fibers (YOGYAKARTA – honf), Max and Julian Stein (MONTREAL – cote-des-neiges), Rhizome Lijiang Art Center (LIJIANG – rhizome), John Grzinich, (non-profit artist run organization) (MOOSTE – moks), un/locker (MAMM – medellin), Timothy Nohe (BALTIMORE – Baltimore), un/loquer, jardincosmico (MEDELLIN – san_lucas), Cimatics (BRUSSELS – cimatics), Vijayendra Sekhon (MUMBAI – currentfrequency), P&D Audio Productions, Inc. (GREENSBORO – Greensboro_NC), london soho (LONDON – soho), Grégoire Lauvin (AIX_PROVENCE – st_jerome), Locus Sonus (AIX_EN_PROVENCE – Ecole_art_Aix), Alejo Duque + dock18 (CH – roambox), Phil Edelstein (PORT WASHINGTON – philed), Udo Noll radio aporee (COLOGNE – aporee), August Black (SANTA_BARBARA – california)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.