Project presentation: 1st October 20:00 - 02:00
Participating artists:

Elise Elsacker [ BE ], Jan Vantomme [ BE ], Jimmy Hertz  [ FR ], Matthieu Levet [ BE ], Niels Wouters [ BE ], Sergio S. Ferreira [ PT ], Vincent Evrard [ BE ], Yannick Antoine [ BE ].

Design interactive projects for miniMAL
28 September – 1 October 2011

For Nuit Blanche and Todays Art Festival in Brussels we invite you to take control of miniMAL, the low-res, low-tech media facade created by iMAL during the Media Facade Festival Europe 2010.

This 4 days workshop will be dedicated to the design and development of interactive interfaces and softwares to drive the 18 LED spotlights behind iMAL’s windows.

Design interaction through various inputs (microphone, webcam, sensors, mobile devices, web data,…) and create surprising visualisations on miniMAL that will be presented during Nuit Blanche and the TodaysArt Festival in Brussels! Projects interacting with iMAL’s urban context and passer-by’s will be favored.

Info & registration:

The media facade workshop is targeted to artists, creative designers and developers working with Processing and if necessary Arduino. Basic knowledge of these software environments is required! However during the workshop you will be followed and supported by iMAL’s team.

Read more about iMAL Media Façade!

Reply to the call for project before September 11th!

Workshop programme:

Wednesday 28 September, 10:00-18:00
-Introduction to the concept of Media Façade and presentation of best practices.
-Technical introduction to iMAL’s media facade (hardware+software)
-First design tests with Processing
-Brainstorming on interactive projects proposals

Thursday 29 September, 10:00-18:00
-Development of the projects

Friday 30 September, 12:00-22:00
-Development of the projects
-installation of the LED spotlights, DMX cables, lanbox,…
-Tests on the facade (at night)

Saturday 1st October, 14:00-02:00
-Fine-tuning of the projects
-Presentation during Nuit Blanche Brussels

During the workshop you will be followed and supported by iMAL’s team:
Marie-Laure Delaby: artistic content & coordination
Vincent Evrard: technical introduction (hardware+software)
Yannick Antoine: software development (Processing)
Jan Vantomme: software development (Processing, Arduino)

Workshop produced by iMAL.