Mirror Match is a performance
Mirror Match is an installation
Mirror Match is a reflection
Mirror Match is an encounter
Mirror Match is a confrontation
Mirror Match is by appointment
Mirror Match transports you
Mirror Match speaks to you
Mirror Match listens to you
Mirror Match is watching you
Mirror Match pushes you
Mirror Match puts you in a box
The Mirror Match team likes dark chocolate

Book your visit !

Mirror Match is an installation for one visitor at a time. The average duration is 30 minutes.
Book your visit (from Friday 30/09 to Sunday 01/10, 15:00-21:00) by calling +32 484 93 35 61
(Booking starts on Monday September 26). Please don’t hesitate to tell what your language of choice is for the performance.

More information on iMAL website

Produced by iMAL
Concept, Video, Software Development: Yacine Sebti
Interactive Script: Yacine Sebti, Mostafa El Hawari
Actors: David Vossen [ FR/EN/NL/IT ], Cécile Roesch [ FR/EN ], Katrien Vanderbiest [ NL/FR/EN ], Céline Lenoir [ FR ], Soetkin Demey [ NL/EN/DE ]
Sound design: Charo Calvo
Animation: Marcio Ambrosio
Lightings: Yacine Sebti (with the kind support of Joelle Reyns)
Stage Directors: Greg Alvéolis, Stéfan Piat
Set Design: Nicolas Gasnier, Raphaël Ory

Support & Acknowledgments
Commission Arts Numériques (Communauté française de Belgique)
Co-produced by iMAL (projet de recherche Virage research project)
Thanks to Nadine vzw, Sa Taronja (Majorque)
Photo Credits: Greg Alveolis.