Mexican ambient-techno producer Murcof will be performing with avant-garde visual label AntiVJ’s Simon Gellfus for a mesmerizing stage design composed of three massive screens to create a three-dimensional cosmos.

Tijuana’s Fernando Corona (alias Murcof) became one of the most revered names in ambient techno to emerge from the 2000s. Starting with 2002’s Martes, Corona initiated a template of fusing cutting-edge techno rhythms with classical strings and timbres. He would release four more critically acclaimed albums with the Leaf label – 2004’s Utopia, 2005’s Remembranza, 2007’s Cosmos, and 2008’s The Versailles Sessions – albums that would transform him into a leading figure in the burgeoning Latin American electronic-music community and a singular talent with a devoted international fanbase.

Simon Geilfus is a member of AntiVJ, European-based visual label that brings together a diverse mix of European artists who share a common interest in using light projections as an influence of human perception. Given the contrasting nature of their techniques and their individual work habits, AntiVJ specialize in installations and live performances that inflict a mix of projection techniques upon architectural structures.

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