During a week-long Performance Art and Architecture workshop, it is possible for everyone – either individually or collectively – to plug into and interact with numerous social and creative possibilities for using and transforming our public space.

Workshops will be divided into three groups:

Construction group lead by Raumlabor [DE], OST Collective [BE], Recyclo.org [BE] More info

Performance group with Jochen Dehn [DE], Loreto Martinez Troncoso [ES] More info

Reflection group with Cécile Martin [CA], Edurne Rubio [ES], Ewen Chardronnet [FR] More info

For complete information and workshop schedules please visit MyCityLab.eu

Camp schedule:

22nd of September – Construction group meeting

With Raumlabor [ DE ], OST Collective [ BE ], Studio Public [ FR ], Recyclo.org [ BE ] and local actors:
Samenlevingsopbouw, Comité Kureghem, Comité de quartier Bara

1. Rassemblement/ brainstorm on 22th September at 17h, on the 25th of September at 17h.
2. Mapping of the local resources and workforces. Preparation of the scenography/terrain.
3 . Midi-Mega-Cargo-Bikes: Collecting re-useable material, tools to construct the scenography and bicycles of all kind.

25 th of September 17: 00 Meeting: Construction and Reflection  groups

With Cécile Martin, Raum Labor, OST Collective and Studio Public [ FR ], Ewen Chardronnet
Plan: Gathering and brainstorm

Performance group
With Jochen Dehn , Loreto Martinez Troncoso
Plan: Find your way into the neighborhood through performance art

Registry on community section

26 – 30th of September: 10:00 -18:00  Workshops

28 -01 Octobre: 16:30 – 20:00 Conference

30 September 18h00 / 18:30 / 19:00 / 19:30 Edurne Rubio project From up there…

Guided visits on the 19th Floor of the Tour de Midi.

Groups of visitors will be of maximum 10 people.
It is necessary to have an identity card number.
The duration of each visit is half an hour.
Each group will have different guides.
The guides are people who can tell stories through their own experience, with a personal look at their lives, their dreams, a practice …
All visits will be transmitted live at the bottom of the tower. Read more here

Registration: send an email to from.up.there@gmail.com with your name.

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