Opening 1st October: 18:00-00:00

Times change and time changes; the last few years my obsession with loudness and bigness has given way to an interest in smaller sounds and scales.
With the iPhone’s 300+ dots per inch screen (aptly christened Retina Display by its maker at Apple) the digital picture’s elements have become so small and so dense that they transcend the eye’s capability of perceiving them as atomic components of the digital image… already, the death of the pixel.
A surprising twist of this early demise is that compression, that bane of anyone involved with the transmission of the digital image, has now been set free  of its physical chains and can be recontextualised into something altogether different: digital static. Plus ça change… indeed.

text by Stefaan Quix / Bart Van Looy

Artist statement

For this showcase at IMAL I have placed together an older work, “Three Monochromes: RGB”, and a newer work, “Not With A Bang But A Whimper” hoping that the dialogue of these, at first glance diametrically opposed, works might enlighten some of the strange similarities that bind these two autopsies performed on some of the foundations of the analog and digital mediascapes.

Three Monochromes: RGB
During the space of 4 hours an empty, black screen metamorphoses into a red (green, blue) screen. The pixel (instead of its analog counterpart the frame) is chosen as the atomic time element of this inexorable transformation. An image seemingly frozen in time blessed with quantum uncertainty leads stochastically, pixel by pixel, shade by shade, to its entropic conclusion: red (green, blue)

Not With A Bang But A Whimper
An electronic landscape slowly zooms out, revealing abstract images which actually depict an extreme close-up of a (color) cathode ray tube showing analog noise. This seemingly black-and-white static – grayscale noise at best -  reveals this RGB construct as a stochastic and entropic process.

Occam meets Quine
The same algorithm, generating the same elementary particles at the same non-place and the same time inevitably results in one and the  same movie(s), one realized by digital means, the other by analog means; all other characteristics including the actual images are to be deemed secondary.

Exhibition produced by iMAL
29 September – 28 October 2011 at iMAL, Open Wednesday-Friday, 12:30-18:00 + Saturday 01/10, 14:00-02:00