Make a story/soundscape for a certain route or locations around Midi Station – Cureghem area .

Produce a sound epic project for TodaysArt Brussels Festival: Make use of Audio (and the fact that it is bound to GPS locations).

Shoudio is the Location Based Audio Platform. It is Twitpic but for audio. And GPS bound.

Shoudio is in beta and every day there are new features appearing. Via this app and site, widgets and podcast feeds users and visitors can share and play audiofiles. All audio on Shoudio is bound to the GPS location of recording, combined together they form a virtual hidden, but noisy, dimension around us.

By attaching every recording to it’s physical place, the content popups whenever some user is in the neigborhood and tunes into nearby sounds. Or when he/she scans a QR code. Shoudio is available for iPhone and Android and our site and codes are scannable and playable by all major smartphones out there (Blackberry/Nokia/ iPhone)

Currently Shoudio invite various Location Based Audio projects from across the world, many originated from Universities. Recently NYC’s Soundseeker project and Manchester’s SoundAroundYou were added. At the Oerol festival Shoudio made a radio-map together with visitors, media and other professionals. As well as on Awakenings, Appelsap festival, Lowlands and PICNIC festival…

More information:

Shoudio is the location based audio network.

Use the app and site to share audio snippets on the map and leave it there for others to hear. Explore and enrich the hidden auditive dimension in your city.

Shoudio is being used to publish location based audio recordings ranging from audioguides from Amsterdam to backyard spring whistly sounds, from motorbike engines to streetmusicians in Venice and from church prayers to intimate music performances.

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Shoudio is currently for free (registration required) as an iPhone app.

Shoudio: Share what you hear, show where you heard it

Shoudio for iPhone: Share Location-based Recordings With Your Friends